Android Application Developer

Android is the most popular and widely used OS used worldwide. From small to high-tech devices manufactured by Samsung, HTC, Huawei and many other local/international brands excluding Apple, all use the powers and functionality of Android to stay on the top. This definitely translates to the fact of creating apps that are adaptable with a wide range of devices. Moreover, it also means challenging development as an app developed for iOS is based upon a specific criteria.

Android has the edge of being the open source platform, meaning anyone with the taste of development can use it to build astonishing apps.

Astha Technology have done just that to build apps that satisfy your smartphone buds! Varying screen sizes and hardware of smartphones run on Android, we have to make sure that all apps developed run smoothly on varying devices.

Astha Technology is a leading Android app development company that provides cutting-edge android app development services to cater to our clients. After all, why shouldn’t you create an Android app? With over 1 million new android devices activated worldwide daily, and over 1.5 billion downloads from the Google Play Store monthly alongside having more than 50% of the market share in smartphone OS, there is no reason for you not to have your custom Android app developed.

Why Astha Technology?

Astha Technology has a team of Android app developers with proven years of expertise in android app development as well as solid foundation & understanding of the programming languages based on Android. When Android came up with Jelly Bean, it allowed the developers to leverage the power of smoother app development such as better graphics, smoother sensor technology and improved touch display. Here are some of the reasons why we should be your leading Android app development partner:

  • Experienced team of developers – We are blessed to have an experienced team of android developers and that gives us proud over our competitors to create Android apps that shine all the way. Android is not just limited to tablets and smartphones, it would now also be used in cars and our daily gadgetry usage.
  • We understand the architecture – Android requires strong understanding of Java and J2ME Runtime Environment to build solid applications. Due to the open nature of Android, we have better control of customization as compared to the iOS.
  • Experience in creating apps for several niches – Whether be it a fun little game or a high-end business app, we know it all the way. And we know Android. That is enough to say that we have expertise in all categories of Android app development.

Gone were the days of apps running slow on Android. Today, Android has become one of the leading operating systems in smartphones and hence apps have become more fluid and smoother than ever.

Google play gives you full control over the distribution frequency and publishing of your app. As being an open marketplace, you chose the market segments you want to target to get maximum targeted downloads.

Also, there is no restriction on how you monetize your efforts, via in-app purchases or advertisements or monthly subscriptions, or even free. So what are you waiting for? Get a free quote now and turn your dreams into reality.