What is Web Application Development?

A web based application is nothing but an application that uses the browser as a client. A web based application is nothing but a software application which can be accessed through any web browser. Web application development is the ultimate way to today’s advantage to enhance any businesses ‘efficiency and productivity. With the help of web application, you can access business from any corner of the world. With this facility you can also save money and time thus by improving your interactivity with any of your customers or your partners.

Benefits that we can give you with Web Application Development:

Web sites and applications are portable and maintainable

  • We facilitate you to access your business round the clock from any corner of the world
  • You can not only access business information but also access staff information
  • With just a login name and password you can access your account from any corner of the world

Data Integration

  • We can embed all components on web pages and nested within Views which are driven by queries
  • These tools give you functionality that is powerful
  • We can give you bug free codes

Client Side Scripting Technologies:

  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
  • jQuery
  • MooTools
  • Dojo Toolkit

Sever Side Scripting Technologies:

  • Zend framework
  • ColdFusion
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Perl
  • Python

Here are our services for you:

  • We make customer requirements and services meet so that customers gets the best from us
  • Maintenance is flexible with us
  • Operation cost is reduced
  • We give quality assurance during every stage of application thus depicting our standard
  • We are futuristic and hence for any future changes you need not spend much
  • We are transparent at work and hence keep all our clients know what is happening at their work and clear communication
  • Extensive support and maintenance given throughout the life of the web site development and also throughout the life span of the application
  • Speed, efficiency and efficiency is our motto

Web Development Methodologies:

  • Waterfall development model
  • Rapid Application Development also known as RAD
  • Extreme Programming (XP)
  • Agile Development Model

How different are we from other web developing companies?

  • Our developers are skilled professionals who are futuristic and hence while developing an application they ensure the application can be reused for modifications
  • We help you select the right technology for your business solutions
  • Our developers can give full control of the UI on the client depending on the customer or client requirement
  • As the web design development is robust as customers you can enjoy varied options of portal technologies
  • You will experience most improved APIs with portal backbone integrating latest technologies like JavaScript, JSF and Spring based web frameworks
  • We understand your requirements and understand your actual goals and do a complete analysis on the pain points
  • Your requirements are broken down into logical modules based on business logics. If any module is not clear or has ambiguity then we break those modules down into further more modules
  • We give options of e commerce , CMS solutions and wider options for your to choose and decide on
  • Our expert team does complete research and any technical corrections are made at the design phase itself. You can connect with the programmer for any clarifications that you may have and we encourage it.