What is static web site design?

A static web page is nothing but a stationary web page that is delivered to the end users exactly the same way as it is stored. Static web pages are not dynamic and hence remain constant. To all users, the information that is passed on is the same in static web site design. Static web site design is mostly based on HTML. Static web site design is recommended to web sites that does not have frequent changes in their web sites.

Attributes that you can expect from Astha Technology:

  • Functionality: We ensure not to load your web page with too much of designs and additional features in the name of web design. We understand that you customers do not want to use a slow web site that loads slowly.
  • Compatibility: Though there are experts who can design web pages with superior quality, what is commonly forgotten is the compatibility issue that most of the web pages are suffering from. Irrespective of the web browser that the customer uses, the web page must look the same. We take special care and ensure all customers get the same experience from your web site.
  • Aesthetics: Your web site if the face of your business. We understand this well and hence take special care while designing your web site. We ensure that your customers repeat and does not break after a visit.

Here is what Astha Technology can do to your business:

  • User friendly e commerce applications
  • Our professionals can design stunning images for your web site
  • We also help you in getting meaning content to your web site
  • We ensure to strike a balance between good quality images and fast downloads at the same time in our static web pages
  • Easy to navigate type of web sites is what we offer to our customers
  • Our experts who are certified professionals have in depth domain knowledge and can render their services to you

Advantages that we give over Static Web site design:

We recommend Static web page development based on the following reasons basis our analysis and varied business requirements that we have experienced in our career.

  • Easy to create and also cost effective if you do not have frequent changes in your web site
  • Saying so, you can also have the web pages changed whenever there is a requirement
  • Small and medium sized business can opt for static web page design
  • For low budget projects, we definitely recommend static web page design
  • Simple projects for e commerce web sites of brochure web sites can be based on static web site design
  • Our web sites are hard coded which means user cannot make any modifications to the web site

Astha Technology would be eager to assist you with regards to any queries that you may have regarding your web site design or content. Do contact us and our team of experts can take you through the various options that we can render to you.