PSD to Email Conversion

Sending newsletters is a very common factor in today’s life style and business. Astha Technology make it simpler for you. It is no longer a tough task and you need not shell out lots of money as we have made it simpler and lighter for you. We have our own self developed processes that can extract visual elements, grab colors and also build layout for you in the most standard and compliant HTML & CSS format. We make SEO friendly conversion of PSD to Email Template.

Benefits you get for opting us:

  • Responsive Layout: In the current era, most of your customers are reading your mails or newsletters mostly on handheld devices. We ensure that through our responsive options, customers do not miss out any content that you want them to read.
  • Pixel Precise Conversion: We understand what you want your customers to feel about when they are reading your contents. Pixel is the word. We have mechanisms to ensure that your customers get the design that you wanted. There would be no variance and hence whatever is the input would be the exact output.
  • Cross Client compatibility: We use Litmus testing service in our organization to ensure that the email design has its own grace and appearance in a myriad of web, mobile based email clients or even on the desktop. You will evidence the magic in compatibility.
  • Campaign monitor templates:  Changes is the most common and constant aspect in every one’s life including the templates that you use for PSD to email conversion. As part of customer experience we can design flexible templates for you that can be re used based on your changing needs and requirements.
  • MailChimp templates: For users who prefer easy techniques we recommend MailChimp templates where you can drag and drop compatible email templates to MailChimp and populate email content within.

Here are the benefits that we can give you:

  • Alt Tag & Meta Data: This method helps you in getting targeted traffic to your own web site. By converting PSD to Email, you can use alternate description or Alt Tag for images as well in the web site. By doing this, you can grab image based traffic as well. If you do not use Alt Tag & Meta Data, then you will end up losing the image based traffic to your web site.
  • Clean Coding: Whenever manual conversion of PSD to Email is used, it is always witnessed that there are better changes of optimizing data. We use semantic techniques to make it easy while using search engines.
  • Anchor text in links: This is an attractive theme in PSD to Email conversion concept. It also helps enhance the popularity of the web site by giving boost to SEO. Most of the developers think or assume that just conversion of PSD to Email would be good enough. However, out of our experience from our organization we recommend that it is of vital importance to use the right URLs to get better results. However, the URLs must be kept short by the designers.