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Astha Technology is an international information technology company based in India. We provide a range of specialized services ranging from web development to mobile applications. Our services are highly client-focused to meet your business needs. Astha Technology was founded in 2008 with the intention of providing premium services at a price reasonable to their clients. Since then, we have grown to include an increasingly strong client base internationally.

As the world develops itself to become more technologically complex; the role of websites and mobile applications will have a more significant role. It is highly unlikely nowadays to find a well-developed business without some form of website or mobile application from which they can develop their own brand identity. Astha Technology can take your business to the next level by developing a website optimized for you to attract new and existing customers. We have established a reputation with many of our previous clients of being relevant and reliable. The support we offer is endless and we take good care of our clients by addressing their needs seriously.

There are a number of reasons why you should choose Astha Technology over other IT firms. Perhaps the most important is the depth of our knowledge and experience in the field. There is not a problem we cannot solve and our solutions are always designed such that they meet your expectations. Our ambition is to make our clients more satisfied and more empowered compared to when they first approached us. We also intend to make them confident in adapting to the ever-advancing world of technology.

The range of services we offer are diverse – from developing and designing a website from scratch to marketing websites by making them more appealing in search engines. We also develop smartphone applications so your business can be more freely accessible. Astha Technology understands that not everyone comes from an IT background and the complications involved in building a website or smartphone application may appear daunting to some. We therefore do our best to make the process as easy as possible for you. Our trained employees will take the time to explain to you the step-by-step procedures involved whenever confusion arises.

At Astha Technology, we pride ourselves in providing a service second to none. We have a proven track-record in providing exceptional service. Much of what we do has been praised greatly by our past clients as evidenced in our Testimonial page. Rest assured that you will be taken care of by Astha Technology!

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