iPhone Application Developer

Ever since the first quarter of 2007, when the iPhone 2g was released, this revolutionary device instantly became a hit and now, according to a 2013 Q3 study, there are nearly 500 million iOS devices circulating the globe today. From just a thousand apps to over 850,000 apps till date, iOS is considered one of the top selling and the most revolutionizing platforms for developing custom applications.

Using the App Store, you have access to a huge target market, ranging from businessmen to gamers and what not. Whatever your motive be, whether it is to increase your brand awareness, engage your audience, or reach with social media, iOS apps deliver superior experience.

Astha Technology is an Indian based company specializing in iPhone application development services across a myriad of categories. Our iPhone app developers are well-versed in development and have years of proven experience in app development. We have a full grip over the following:

  • Objective C
  • C++
  • Java
  • iOS 5/ 6 SDK
  • CoreGraphics API and OpenGL ES
  • SQLite database
  • Cocoa Touch Development
  • Programming Tools: XCode, Interface Builder

We have catered to a range of customers from small to medium and Fortune 500 companies. We have built free, commercial and in-house applications for many clients and have proven experience in this field.

Why select Astha Technology?

Given a range of app developers online, it becomes hard to go ahead and select a reliable iPhone app developer. Here at Astha Technology, we provide you with custom built apps that can become your competitive advantage over your competitors. Here are some of the reasons why are the best:

  • iOS 6/7 compatible apps – All of our apps designed are compatible with iOS 6 and iOS 7 versions, which are usually run on most of the variants of iPhones.
  • Feature compatible – iPhone applications have to be built in order to have compatibility for pinch, zoom, and gesture as well. Hence, we build apps with all of these factors in our mind.
  • Our apps get approved on the first go – We know what Apple wants and above that, we know what you want. Hence, we build apps and get them uploaded to the App Store with high rates of success on the first go.
  • Catering to various niches – Get that squeaky little game designed, or have a business app developed for your clients, we have the solutions for you. You name the categories, and our iOS app developers have the dedicated experience for developing your apps.

Astha Technology India, specialize in injecting creative abilities to apps through our creative iPhone and iPad application development team. We keep ourselves abreast to the latest changes made by Apple and upgrade our skills to keep up with the competition. Hence, you never lose out on any of your competitive advantage.

We have developed apps for several categories, including but not limited to:

  • Office/Business application
  • Fun Application
  • Multimedia Application
  • Games
  • Internet Application
  • Utility application

It doesn’t matter what your needs are, we have the right solution for you. Get a free quote now and see how we can make a positive difference in your business.