iPad Application development services

The launch of the iPad in 2010, as a cross between the iPhone and the Macintosh was a clever and successful move of Apple that revolutionized the way consumers think of gadgets completely. We at Astha Technology India are specialized iPad application developers that understand the basics of iOS development. When it comes to iPad app development services, our team gives us the competitive advantage of staying on the top.

We have developed some of the coolest and most robust iPad applications tailored to fit the big screens of the tablet devices. While the personal computers are here to stay, iPads and other touch based tablet devices are certainly going to change the way people use the applications worldwide. Our iPad developers are experts in creating applications to satisfy your smartphone senses!

Why Astha Technology for iPad app development services?

Astha Technology has an experienced team of iPad app developers that understand the basics of the founding language of iOS apps, Objective C and C++. Here are some of the reasons why we should be your preferred choice of app Development Company:

  • Turning your iPhone app to an iPad app – Do you have an iPhone app that you want to customize and build for the iPad to cater to a wider target market and audience? Astha Technology can certainly help you!
  • Experienced with iPad features – iPad deploys features that iPhone doesn’t. These are 3-Axis accelerometer, pop-over interface elements and many more. We are specialists in developing iPad apps that are compatible with all of the unique features of the iPad and hence leverage your application’s superior performance.
  • Experienced game developers – iPad takes the gaming experience of users on a whole new level. Playing games on the iPad is an overwhelming experience and our experts know how to develop games for the iPad. We know what it takes to maximize your target market’s gaming experience!
  • Our apps get accepted on the first go – We design all of the iPad apps in lieu of Apple’s terms, conditions and developer policies. Hence, our rate of rejection of submitting our App on the App Store is very low. You as such, enjoy high level of app acceptance on the App Store.

Our team of qualified and experienced iPad app developers has the power, knowledge and expertise of creating iPad apps with solid foundation of your business’s success. All of our iPad apps that we have designed meet the end needs and functionality of the end consumers. We always encourage our developers to innovate, explore and bring in new ideas of creating new iPad apps to help success our clients.

Just like another app development company, our proven experience in ipad app development services is going to lure you away. So, what are you waiting for? Consult us and get a free quote on your favorite app developed for the iPad.

Our iPad development services are highly experienced in creating apps for iPad across a variety of niches.