Website Content Writing

Astha Technology offers the best quality contents for your website at a price which is among the lowest in the industry.

Website Content Writing

An efficient content writer creates contents which entice and engage viewers in the website for longer time.
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Article Writing

They can also outsource article writers who are experts in generating quality articles as per the client’s requirement.

Article Writing

There are plenty of article writing service providers in the internet marketing world.
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Press Release writing

Astha technology has extensive network of journalists and reporters who makes the press release noticed successfully.

Press Release writing

They understand the power of press release which helps to open new channels and reach new readers for you.
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What is Content Writing?

Any presentation of information in the form of text or image that is used with a purpose to reach the target audience through various medium is called the content. It has its distinguished style of writing which is different from journalistic styles. It covers wide range of services starting from SEO writing, website writing, blogging, sale documents, technical writing, article writing, case study copywriting, marketing collateral copywriting to e-book writing etc.

A successful content writer can attract the readers with useful information presented in a friendly and easy manner. It helps stimulating the business through its powerful, original, interesting, and well researched creations of content writing.

Why approach Astha Technology for Content Writing services?

  • Our original and high quality content helps your effort of attracting readers, keeping them engaged and retaining them as customers on a regular basis.
  • We empower your businesses through our content writing services for websites, article writing, SEO writing, press release writing etc.
  • We produce, manage and maintain content for all platforms like web, mobile platforms, social media and other digital platforms.
  • We work in collaboration with your production team and together we achieve the target of maximizing your benefits.

Astha Technology’s Content Writing procedure includes following steps

  • First step in writing content is to understand the purpose behind the content, i.e., whether it is for purchase, referral, click or permission. The content presentation will change accordingly. Our writers held detailed discussion with the clients to comprehend your requirements.
  • Determining the audience is of utmost importance for content writing. Every reader prefers reading content of their choice and interest. Their choice or interest depends on their age, culture, profession and expectation. Content for medical professionals will be different than that of the realtors. We, at Astha Technology always write the content keeping in view of the reader’s choice and interest.
  • Based on the objective of the project, right keywords are selected which gives your business good ranking in search engines.
  • Collecting relevant information from reliable resources is our next step for content writing. Our writers not only collect relevant information, but also analyses your competitor’s strategy and activities.
  • We prepare an interesting, precise, explicit and compelling content, based on the research data, information and your USPs by our experienced writers.
  • We edit and proofread the content time and again as we believe the saying that “content is king” and don’t want to risk our clients reputation with spelling mistakes, grammatical error and boring presentation.
  • The clear, precise and easy to understand content is then ready to go public after approval by the client.

Astha Technology is committed to provide quality content for our customers at an affordable cost. Our experienced writers value your money and time. They are always available to clarify your queries and provide details.